Amy R. Peterson

Autumn Leaves
oil on canvas
60 x 36 in
"My favorite conditions in which to paint the city are rain, fall, and winter. I enjoy the way atmospheric effects and city lights impart a kind of mood, a romantic melancholy. I’ve long admired how the French impressionists captured their contemporary city of Paris. When I moved back to Birmingham almost ten years ago, and saw it with new appreciation, I strived to capture its architecture, its culture, its “vibe” in a way that evoked what the early impressionists do for me. I continue to revisit some of my favorites local subjects and scenes as my techniques and approaches on canvas evolve. And I’m always on the lookout for new Magic City muses. In fact, my children will attest that a trip downtown is not complete without me circling blocks to sketch, make notes, and take reference photos. " - Amy R. Peterson