His & Hers featuring Dirk Walker & Holly Irwin



We are excited to kick off this fall's "His & Hers" Series with two highly collected artists, Holly Irwin and Dirk Walker! 


Inspired by fashion and design, Holly's feminine and whimsical mixed media paintings bring sophistication and joy to any space. She enjoys taking a fashion illustration and elevating it to a large scale, fine art painting on canvas using modeling paste, gel mediums, acrylics and oil paint using spatulas, brushes, and palette knives. "In the end my figure paintings are more about emotion than anything else.  I search for the girl that lives within me, searching for ways to paint her feelings and emotions. I always come back to her."


 Some 20 years ago, in the midst of a professional career and raising a family in Birmingham, Alabama, Dirk Walker unknowingly discovered his path in life that probably was in place since childhood…that he was meant to be an artist.  He has since established himself as a highly collected oil painter in a variety of subjects from landscapes and cityscapes to wildlife and still lifes. Dirk's vibrant and energetic oil paintings are iconic in their own right and there is truly one for everyone. 


 "His & Hers" will open September 10th and be on display through October 10th. 




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